Accelerate Your
Cash Flow
Accelerate Your
Cash Flow

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Choosing a Factoring Company Article
Posted on January 18, 2016

A recent article picked up by Manta (contact us for article) talked about the process of selecting a factoring company.  There were two key points that “jumped” out:         “Certain factoring companies nickel-and-dime you through ACH fees, credit fees, monthly processing fees, and even hidden fees built into restrictive contracts. The right company, however, can

Taking the Stress Out of Receivables
Posted on January 15, 2016

There was an article recently posted on LinkedIn (click here) that seemed to hit right on the advantages of Invoice Funding/Factoring. It talked about the stress that entreprenuers are under, specifically referring to Free Lance Writers (applicable to all including Consultants, etc.), in trying to collect receivables.   It references the point that the customer knows

Leveraging Your Receivables Article
Posted on January 8, 2016

I just noticed a very interesting article that looked at resolutions a business owner should NOT do for 2016.  Not only is that a twist on the old “resolution setting” practice but of the list of “4”, number “2 ” directly related to cash flow. Leveraging your receivables at times when cash flow is needed can