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February 28, 2018

Debt or Equity Financing for Your Business?

We ran across an article titled “How to Decide Whether You Need Debt or Equity Financing for Your Business” and thought it was worth sharing

Forecasting 2018 as a great year to expand and/or start a new business, the article speaks to the importance of cash flow and making the right decision in terms of looking for debt financing or, depending on equity financing.

One key point the author mentions is the use of factoring as a tool to help a business achieve their growth goals.  Factoring provides a dependable cash source to make planning for growth simple.   By receiving the funds next day for an invoice (verified delivered product/service), the business knows their cash cycle and can easily take on orders since the funds are there to “finance” (i.e. purchase raw material) right away.

Just let us know if we can help show how factoring can help your business!


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