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April 26, 2018

Cash Management Tactics

We ran across this article, “5 Cash Management Tactics Small Businesses Use to Become Bigger Businesses“.

As written, these are good/primary tactics but there are additional alternatives that can make good cash management sense under certain circumstances (like invoice factoring).  The benefit of invoice factoring is predictable/consistent cash flow and a few of the circumstances for review of this option are discussed, further, below.

Not waiting for the customer to pay the invoice and having this predictable cash flow helps with GROWTH (by immediately paying revenue generating costs & easily taking/filling additional orders), SEASONALITY (by smoothing out the large ups/downs), funding ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES (through funding existing receivables), PLANNING (essential for all stages of the business) & RECEIVABLES (freeing up time to focus on the business).

“Get paid tomorrow for what was invoiced today” is another way to look at it and you can contact us to find out more about how Partners Funding, Inc. can be of help in managing your cash needs.


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