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October 27, 2022

Community Involvement

We are proud to release the following results of our annual community focused campaign:

“Throughout the month of July, the employees of Great Plains Transportation Services, Inc. and Partners Funding, Inc., have been involved in the seventh annual “Christmas in July- Jeans for Charity”.  In order for employees to dress casually at the office they had to donate money or items to a charity of their choice.

It was agreed upon that the owners of the company would also match the money raised to give to charities of their choice.  It was also determined that Great Plains/Partners Funding would match the donations as well.

We are proud to announce the “Christmas in July- Jeans for Charity” has raised over $8,000, distributed to 7 Charitable Organizations, making this 7th annual event a success!

Each of us at Great Plains and Partners Funding truly appreciates all that you do in the community.   Thanks for being there to help the people in need.”

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