Accelerate your
Cash Flow
Accelerate your
Cash Flow

Significant Growth Periods

Funding Significant Growth?  Partners Funding, Inc. Can Help!

Invoice Factoring is the perfect tool to use when:

  • Your business is experiencing significant growth
  • Lenders restrict funds needed for growth

If you are experiencing these issues, Partners Funding can help.  The goal is to insure the business gets through the transitional stage by using Invoice Factoring.

Growth Example 1

A business has a significant need to grow an additional $1 million dollars in addition to the current $2 million revenue.  Assume the existing accounts receivable term is 60 days; the business would need over $200,000 cash to fund operations while waiting for payments!   The bank was not ready to fund the risk.  If invoice factoring had been suggested and put into place, the business would have received the funds on the invoices required for growth almost immediately. The growth would have been funded internally!


Growth Example 2

A manufacturer wishes to grow from $10 million in revenue to $17 million.  They have two options available:

  1. An already approved SBA loan
  2. Invoice Factoring

They chose to utilize the process of Invoice Factoring due to its flexibility.  The manufacturer did not want to be “stuck” with a loan that might be too much or too little.  With factoring the manufacturer was able to fund the growth period internally without acquiring additional debt.

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