Accelerate your
Cash Flow
Accelerate your
Cash Flow

Industries We Serve

Industries served by Partners Funding, Inc.

Partners Funding is able to help your trucking company or small/mid-size business, nationally, wherever you are located in the United States.

We serve the trucking industry and small to mid-size businesses. Partners Funding offers Recourse and Non-Recourse factoring programs to trucking companies.  For businesses, we offer a Recourse funding option.

Trucking Non-Recourse Program

Non-Recourse factoring means Partners Funding assumes the the credit risk on all pre-approved customer invoices.  Partners Funding does not hold any funds in reserve and our low fixed fee starts at 3.99%.  Non-Recourse factoring is an ideal fit for a company running under 5 trucks.  Over 5 trucks? Contact us to talk about personalized solutions.

Trucking & Small/Mid-Sized Businesses Recourse Program

Recourse factoring means lower fees, however, Partners Funding holds a reserve to cover unpaid invoices and setoffs, claims, or other deductions. With the shared credit risk of the recourse program, Partners Funding’s exceptional collections and credit teams work to alleviate any potential losses.

Below is a list of industries we have served. Please click the industry of your choice to learn more about Partners Funding’s factoring solutions. If the industry you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for personalized solutions.

Contact us at 877-881-3456 for more information or apply online.