Accelerate your
Cash Flow
Accelerate your
Cash Flow


A Few Testimonials to Our Service


“I have been a client of Partners Funding since 2009, and I highly value and appreciate their services.  With Partners funding on my team, I know that I can submit a company’s name and information to them; and within minutes I will know if I should haul for that company.  Partners Funding gives me the freedom to focus on safe driving and customer service.  I don’t have to worry if or when I will get paid for transporting a load; and I don’t have to spend my time dealing with Accounts Receivable.”

Everyone at Partners Funding is extremely knowledgeable and courteous; and provides excellent client support.  I have no doubt that operating a small trucking company would be much more stressful and difficult without them on my team.  I strongly recommend Partners Funding” – Brian, Washington State

“Great company to work with under our fixed rate program and the prompt services they offer. I am using their factoring company for 3 years and we never had any issues. Great communication and relationship.

I would recommend Partners Funding to anybody that wants his money in the quickest manner comparing the other factoring companies out there.” – Cristian, Illinois

“Excellent service and rates.  Very happy with them… Thank you, Partners Funding, Inc.” – Leopoldo, Illinois

“I recently received a phone call from another factoring company.   I told them that I had been with you since I started trucking and that you’ve treated me right and have never done me wrong.   I’m that loyal!  They couldn’t sway me.  It probably wasn’t a good deal anyway, but I wasn’t interested. – Steve, Michigan

Small/Mid-Size Businesses

“I was slightly apprehensive about using Partners Funding, Inc., primarily because I was concerned with how they would treat my clients.  There have been no issues and I have been extremely pleased with how professional and courteous Partners Funding has treated my clients.  I would suggest them to any business.” –  Lindsey, Commercial Cleaning Company, Texas

” I remember the days running to the mailbox waiting on a check our client promised would be there.  Funny how banks don’t want to wait for their payments or ‘care’ if your client didn’t send your payment on time!  With the help of Partners Funding and their great customer service this is NEVER an issue any longer! I get to be Santa Claus and drop of product to my customers and leave with a smile knowing PF will take care of the rest!” – Timothy, Graphic Design, Minnesota

“Going through a significant growth stage, we needed a solid financial alternative, not worrying about how our new customers were being treated.  Partners Funding was able to get us through this exciting period, treating our customers the way we would want them to be treated.” – Steve, Fabricator, South Dakota

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